Corporate Law

At Sullivan & Associates, we have extensive experience in business and corporate law and work with clients of all sizes. We can meet the legal needs of all types of companies, including start-ups, early stage growth entities, and well established businesses.

We can assist you with all of your corporate law needs or even serve as your outsourced general counsel to help you handle all of your legal matters as your company grows. We help young and existing companies analyze their choice of legal entity to ensure that their business form is providing the best protections and benefits allowed under the law.

Business Formation and Choice of Entity

Most attorneys look at entity choice in a one dimensional fashion. We look at the whole picture, to ensure that you have the right entity. The optimal corporate form gives you the proper legal protection you need, the ability to grow or diversify your ownership, and put you in the best tax position possible.

We can help you select the proper legal entity for your business, help you choose the best formation jurisdiction, and handle all aspects of the formation process, including founder’s agreements, shareholders’ agreements, partnership agreements, operating agreements, and buy/sell agreements.


We will assist you with the drafting and negotiating of the contracts necessary to run your business and protect your rights. Whether it’s a contract with a new customer, vendor, or possible new partner, or joint venture, we can help you every step of the way. Further, if matters get contentious, we can step in and analyze the dispute and assist you with resolving the matter with minimal disruption to your business.

Employment and Consulting Agreements

As your business grows, you will have to decide how many employees to hire, or whether you should just use Independent Contractors, etc. We can help you with these decisions, analyze your options, and draft agreements to properly protect your business.

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